Stadium Phenomenon – Widzew Fan Power!

16, 339 – since 7 March 2019 this is the record number of season tickets sold in Poland set by Widzew football fans. On multiple occasions that was their way of giving support to the club and its reconstruction efforts no matter what division the team played.

In Widzew season tickets craze began before the Spring 2016/2017, i.e., before the opening of the new stadium in al. Piłsudskiego 138. As a result of grassroots efforts initiated by the fans, e.g., in social media and thanks to the engagement of former players of the Lodz club, including Zbigniew Boniek, Marcin Robak or Mariusz Stępiński, fans bought 15, 310 season tickets at that time. It was an absolute record breaking result as we must bear in mind that Widzew played in the third division, that is, on the fourth level of competition in Poland. It was the expression of enormous support of football fans for their club recovering from decline.

Despite voices arguing that such phenomenal sale of season tickets was due only to the opening of the new stadium, in subsequent rounds Widzew fans were regularly confirming their attachment to the club, affection to the atmosphere at the stadium and the wish to actively participate in its reconstruction. In July 2017 they bought 15, 903 season tickets and in March 2018 – 16, 224.

Widzew remains open to new fans – it was and still is feasible thanks to a unique system of making season ticket holders seats available for regular season matches. If a season ticket holder knows he will not be coming to the stadium, he may make his seat available via the Internet system. In return he gets free access to WidzewTV channel where he can watch the matches and his seat can be used by other football fans.

Before the start of 2018/2019 season 16, 311 season tickets were sold. In winter practically all fans extended the validity of their passes and 500 additional ones offered in the open market were sold in … less than 10 minutes. It means another record was set on 7th March 2019: 16, 339 season tickets.

This result is beyond the reach of any other Polish football team even from the Ekstraklasa!