Historic Matches between Widzew and Juventus

Having eliminated Liverpool in the European Champion Clubs’ Cup quarterfinals, Widzew faced its next opponent: Juventus Turin.

After the historic victory over the English squad Widzew players received a fax from Zbigniew Boniek, at that time already a Juventus Turin player, reading “You are great. See you in Athens. Zbyszek.” – wishing both teams to meet in the final. Unfortunately, it turned out differently and Widzew met Juventus in the semifinals.

The first game was played in Turin on 6 April 1983 in the presence of 70K viewers including a handful of football fans from Lodz. On that particular day Widzew players were weaker than Juventus, a team full of World Cup 1982 winners. – I can still see individual actions from this match. It’s a pity we lost in Turin because we were competing on equal terms and that is not only my opinion. Such comments could be read in Polish and Italian press. They scored the first goal from a rebound after the ball had hit me on the hip and deceived Józio Młynarczyk – recalls Andrzej Grębosz, an active participant of this game.

The second leg game was played in front of over 40,000 spectators. Widzew was not going to give up but the team had to play without Andrzej Grębosz, who missed the match after having received two yellow cards. It was a blow to the athlete because injury eliminated him from the second leg match with Liverpool. After the first half-hour Juventus was on the lead. It did not break the Widzew team down. An amazing performance by Krzysztof Surlit gave the home team two goals but in the very end Platini scored the equalizing penalty. That opened Juventus the door to the final.


6 April 1983

Juventus Turin - Widzew Łódź 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: Tardelli (8.), 2:0 Bettega (59.)

Widzew: Młynarczyk, Świątek, Grębosz, Wójcicki, Kamiński, Wraga (81. Myśliński), Romke, Rozborski, Surlit, Tłokiński, Smolarek.

Juventus: Zoff, Gentile, Scirea, Brio, Cabrini, Boniek, Bonini, Platini, Tardelli, Bettega, Rossi (78. Marocchino).

20 April 1983

Widzew Łódź - Juventus Turin 2:2 (0:1)

Goals: Surlit (54., 81.) - Rossi (32.), Platini (82.)

Widzew: Młynarczyk, Myśliński, Wójcicki, Tłokiński, Kamiński, Wraga (75. Matusiak), Romke, Rozborski, Surlit, Filipczak (46. Mierzwiński), Smolarek.

Juventus: Zoff, Gentile, Scirea, Brio (87. Storgato), Cabrini, Bonini, Tardelli, Platini, Boniek, Marocchino, Rossi (46. Prandelli).

Three years before

Widzew faced Juventus in UEFA Cup in round of 32. In first game Widzew won 3:1. In the second leg Juventus won 3:1 as well. There were no goals in extra time, so the penalties were taken. Fantastic saves from Józef Młynarczyk helped to promote Widzew to the next round.


Widzew Łódź - Juventus Turyn 3:1 (1:1)

Bramki: Grębosz (30.), Pięta (69.), Smolarek (79.) – Bettega (43.)

Widzew: Młynarczyk, Plich, Grębosz, Żmuda, Możejko, Tłokiński, Boniek, Rozborski, Surlit, Pięta, Smolarek.

Juventus: Zoff, Gentile, Scirea, Cuccureddu, Storgato, Tardelli, Furino, Brady, Verza (86. Prandeli), Bettega, Fanna.


Juventus Turyn - Widzew Łódź 3:1 (1:0, 3:1, karne 1:4)

Bramki: 1:0 Tardelli (40.), Furino (48.), Brady (61.) – Pięta (59.)

Rzuty karne: 0:1 Tłokiński, 0:1 Causio, 0:2 Grębosz, 0:2 Carboni, 0:3 Smolarek, 1:3 Brady, 1:4 Boniek.

Juventus: Zoff, Gentile, Scirea, Cuccureddu, Cabrini, Tardelli, Brady, Furino (91. Prandelli), Causio, Bettega, Fanna (91. Verza).

Widzew: Młynarczyk, Plich (93. Jeżewski), Grębosz, Żmuda, Możejko, Tłokiński, Rozborski, Boniek, Surlit, Pięta, Smolarek.